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Carers UK: Transforming lives

Carers UK explains the valuable services it is able to provide to hardworking carers, thanks to generous legacies.

Carers UK provides practical help to carers when they need it most.

  • Every year we provide in-depth advice, information and benefit assessments to nearly 20,000 carers;
  • Last year 61,000 people were able to access information through our networks, which includes a free phone helpline and online carers’ forum;
  • A total of 16,000 callers to our helpline benefitted from advice on issues including employment, practical support and health;
  • Our information and support helped up to 4,000 carers to remain in or return to work;
  • Seventy-five per cent of carers who sought help from the helpline reported that their health improved as a result (carers can suffer with depression and stress among other issues);
  • Carers UK has accessed £70 million so far in claims for carers;
  • Fifty-five voluntary groups made up of 5,300 volunteers help local carers nationwide with support including listening and sitting services, to give carers a much needed break;
  • A gift to Carers UK in a will can support a range of vital services to improve the quality of life for carers.

You may know or have known someone who is a carer. Perhaps you have been cared for, or maybe you are a carer yourself?

Three in five of us will care for a loved one at some point in our lives.

“I know from direct experience that Carers UK really does make the difference to carers who are struggling from day-to-day.” Maryann Finnegan – carer, mother, daughter and trustee for Carers UK.

Caring behind closed doors can lead to ill health and isolation, and seeing loved ones poorly or in declining health can cause stress and depression. Many carers have to reduce their working hours to care, or stop work altogether, which can lead to poverty and reliance on the state benefit system.

Shockingly, every year carers save the nation £87 billion though their devotion to their loved ones.

How can a gift in a will help Carers UK?

A gift in a will can help fund a range of vital services to help carers in need. These include providing expert advice and information to improve carers’ quality of life; help and information on claiming benefits; and helping them to care for their loved one at home.

Carers have described the information and supportive services as a ‘lifeline’.

Anne, 56, from south Yorkshire, included a gift in her will to Carers UK, to support the freephone Carers Helpline.

“Leaving a gift in my will to Carers UK is the best way I can say thank you and to show my support for them. I can't afford to donate at this stage but leaving a gift in my will costs me nothing now and I hope it will help others with similar experiences get help and advice.”

The helpline responds to over 16,000 calls each year, but we also respond to over 61,000 enquiries by letter and email. Callers who are able to claim benefits find that they can access an extra £5,400 on average, which can really make a difference to their day-to-day lives.

One carer recently claimed £22,000 after they spoke to one of our specialist advisors.

When this sort of help is at hand, you can see it really is a lifeline for millions of carers and can transform the quality of life for them and their loved ones.

All gifts, whatever size, will help us to offer vital services to support carers.

We always emphasise the importance of contacting a qualified solicitor when it comes to any matter concerning a will. 

Click here to find out how to leave a gift to Carers UK.

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