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Pet memorials

For the pet who was really loved, who was a family member, their death is almost as traumatic as is the passing of a human. family member.

Which is why there is a growing demand to have suitable and appropriate pet funeral ceremonies and services, and pet memorials.

There are as many ways to remember pets as there are to remember humans. These include pet coffins, urns for their ashes and memorial plaques.

There are online memorial sites for pets. 
Pets At Rest
Pets Remembrance

And Farewell My Pet and Pets Remembered sell memorials such as urns, plaques and headstones for your pets, although we suggest that if children are involved in making grave markers and other pet memorials, it reduces their grieving.

And for bereavement counselling following the death of a pet, Blue Cross offer a support service.

The Dogs Trust has also produced a leaflet, Coping With The Death of Your Dog which explains the benefits of a pet funeral ceremony to help with the bereavement process.

And bear in mind your pet is an important part of your life and your family's life, so store any images and remarkable stories in your Lifebox so they too will be remembered in the years to come.

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