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Oasis: Don't Look Back In Anger

Norman Jenrick's five to be remembered by can best be described as sentimental.

Several of these are already popular secular songs at funerals. Consider them if you want them weeping into their tissues.

Don't Look Back In Anger: Oasis

Catchy and poignant song, one of Oasis’ best known tracks. Bit of a Brit pop anthem.

The World’s Greatest: R. Kelly

Inspirational song that says believe that you are the best in the world. “I’m the star up in the sky.”

One Sweet Day: Mariah Carey & Boyz ll Men

Wringing the last bit of sentimentality out of a weepy lyric, it will have them reaching for the tissues.

Yesterday: The Beatles

Such a beautiful, such a sad song. Things can change in a moment. One day someone is here, the next they’ve gone. The simplicity of the words, tune and arrangement makes this one of the fab four’s best loved tracks.

My Heart Will Go On: Celine Dion

Theme from The Titanic, lush, powerful and an unforgettable match of haunting tune and touching lyric.

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