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Give them the gift of a Lifebox

Face it, you’re not going to live forever.

And of course when you go, your family will be sad that you have parted.

But you can reduce that sadness by giving them the gift of your Lifebox.

Your Lifebox can have all the information that makes your life special, and include photos, videos, audio recordings, scrapbook pages, so that your family can be reminded of what made you special in a uniquely personal way.

You can store a document in which you give advice and words of wisdom, because with age comes experience.

So although you will have parted this life, your life will remain for them to see when they open your Lifebox.

It’s easy to organise:

Pay the one off fee to have the Lifebox as a permanent online safe storage area.

Give suitable members of your family the access code and they will be able to open all the sections of your Lifebox. They won’t be able to change the contents, but they can see it all.

You can record a special ‘Gone but not forgotten’ message to them.

It’s as if you’re giving them the gift of your life.

And do it now, because you never know...tomorrow might be too late!

The importance of knowing our ancestors is highlighted in this book, The Ancestral Continuum.

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