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A legacy to Deafness Research UK makes a difference

Including a gift in your Will to Deafness Research UK means you can speed progress towards more effective solutions by supporting cutting-edge research into hearing loss, deafness and related conditions, such as tinnitus.

Despite all the advances that have been made, there are still no drugs to prevent or cure hearing loss or tinnitus. Deafness Research UK is committed to effective progress towards radical solutions by supporting world-class, cutting-edge research.

Worldwide, there are more than 560 million people affected by deafness, hearing loss and related conditions.

These disabilities are hidden but their impact on lives can be devastating. Deafness from birth or in early childhood can cause difficulties with language, communication and literacy.

Born with hearing loss in both ears, Daniel Whiteside spent much of his early childhood in hospital undergoing numerous operations. Although hearing aids helped, he was left in need of speech therapy.

“I lost my confidence as a child and, at the age of six, I only had the speech of a two-year old. I was bullied and this had a huge impact on my self esteem. It has taken treatment, therapy and the support of people who care about me to overcome it.”

Deafness Research UK was founded in 1985 because there was no other organisation in the country dedicated to representing the medical and healthcare needs of deaf and hearing impaired people.

Over the last 25 years Deafness Research UK has:

  • played a pivotal role in pioneering the tests now used throughout the NHS and across the world to identify deaf babies at birth;
  • developed digital technology for more effective hearing aids and cochlear implants;
  • found many of the genes causing inherited deafness;
  • delivered new therapies that help millions of tinnitus sufferers cope with their condition, as well as many more achievements.

Despite all the advances that have been made, there are still no drugs to prevent or cure hearing loss or tinnitus.

Much of this work has been made possible by legacy gifts.

Legacies currently fund more than a third of our research into deafness-related problems. Our future advances will depend on the generosity of people who remember Deafness Research UK in their Will today.

A legacy is probably the most important gift a person will make to charity, and it can be a very rewarding decision that gives hope to people suffering from deafness and tinnitus.

If you would like to consider leaving a gift in your Will, either now or in the future, we can send you more information to help you decide in your own time.

A legacy is a commitment that we can all make to future generations - of our families, and to the families of others. After you have provided for your loved ones, please consider remembering Deafness Research UK by including a proportion of what is left over in your Will.

For more information on how to write a will, please visit our website or call us on 020 7 679 8967.

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