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Whitney Houston: Greatest Love Of All

Thanks to Angel Banderas for five great tracks that are worth considering for your farewell event.

Angel, a friend of Rory Armstrong, understands the angst of young girls and the importance of being strong and wise. Nice songs here, beautiful Angel.

Greatest Love Of All: Whitney Houston

This is an amazing song sung by an amazing singer who so sadly died recently. It's sweet and warm. One of the writers, Linda Creed, wrote the lyrics in the midst of her struggle with breast cancer. The words describe her feelings about coping with a terminal illness and being a young mother. It seems to suggest: love yourself more than you love others because "it is the greatest love of all," and by understanding your strengths you can love others better too.

Don't You Know You're Beautiful: Kellie Pickler

The message of the song is really sweet and true: every girl has beauty whether it be inside or out or both. Not every girl is materialistic but I know that High school can be brutal for young girls. People are judgemental but everyone has flaws. If they’re giving you a hard time chalk it up to their insecurity no matter how gorgeous they are on the outside…the inside may be a different story.

How To Save A Life: The Fray

This song depicts the living proof of the raw, the aching, the tender, the warmth of being men and women, of being human.

The Climb: Joe McElderry

I think this song basically is about wanting to reach our hopes and dreams in life. Although we may face obstacles in life, it's all about how we learn from our experiences and the good life skills we can take from them. But it's not about what you achieve as much as it is about the journey there, and the experiences you learn along the way. In conclusion, as long as we never give up faith, we will reach our goals. Once you're at the top you're happy but climbing it and what you've gone through means more and makes you appreciate it more.

No Bravery: James Blunt

I can't stop crying. No matter how many times I hear this song. To cry reminds me of our humanity.

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