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Solomon Burke: Cry To Me

Solomon Burke died on 10/10/10. He was a giant of the soul scene and he was a giant in every aspect of his life and personality.

We will never see his like again. This is a great interview, given only a few weeks before he died, and fittingly entitled I'll Sing As Long As I Have Breath. (PH)

Cry To Me: Solomon Burke

Oh, this is so good! The original and the best version. It defines loneliness, is perfectly sung and wonderfully arranged as only those guys at Atlantic could do with commercial soul/pop crossovers such as this.  A standout track in any listing and also a great farewell track.

Don’t Give Up On Me: Solomon Burke

A beautiful love song. A man singing about his vulnerability, weakness and fear of the woman he loves leaving him. Solomon tenderly pleads to her not to give up on him. A touching, bittersweet wrench of a farewell song. Tissues at the ready.

If You Need Me: Solomon Burke

His first hit, way back in 1963. The bosses at Atlantic Records thought that he would sell if he covered country songs, and this proved them right. A sad song if played at someone’s parting because your loved one needs you to come on home, but of course you won’t be…

None Of Us Are Free: Solomon Burke

A touching protest song, sung tenderly but so poignant.“There are people still in darkness/ and they just can’t see the light/if you don’t say it’s wrong/then that says it’s right./If one of us is chained then none of us are free.” Solomon is saying things haven’t improved that much, and we should do something to make the world a better place.

You Needed Me: Solomon Burke

Solomon delivers a lovely version of the Ann Murray weepie love ballard, which is particularly appropriate for a final song to a loved one. It comes from his latest album, Nothing’s Impossible which was produced by Willie Mitchell the genius behind Al Green’s greatest tracks. Willie died in January, 2010. No YouTube clip yet, but hear it here.

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