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Send the ashes closer to heaven

Interest is growing in dispersing cremation ashes by fireworks, says Fergus Jamieson of Heavens Above Fireworks.

This idea clearly suits fireworks enthusiasts and those who always yearned to go off on a rocket somewhere. Others might consider that a trip in a rocket might bring them closer to heaven.

In practice, the idea appeals to people who have given a loved one a crematorium funeral and are faced with the question of how bes to disperse the ashes.

Many people have not yet heard about sending the ashes heavenwards in a firework rocket. 

When they do, their initial sceptical look turns to a smile and many say “I like that idea”.  Families that take the decision usually keep a portion of the ashes to place in a garden of remembrance or other suitable location.

Whatever the reason for the choice, fireworks displays are proving appropriate for more people. 

One family wrote to us several months later saying: “we are still very excited about the display put on for (and with) Anji’s mum. The whole experience surpassed our expectations and captured perfectly the essence of Maude’s life”. 

Another family said the display reflected the fun, noise and excitement their loved one generated in her home. Importantly, clients find they find it brings a happier closure.

And that is because people enjoy fireworks! A display allows a family to hold a get-together cum memorial event where family and friends remember those special memories in an informal environment.  .

These events are often more of a party with the fireworks as the centre piece, often fired to favourite music pieces.

Some clients have said that the event recalls the old-fashioned wake, as they are usually more of a party than a sorrowful farewell.

Heavens Above Fireworks offers a variety of solutions when dispersing cremation Ashes in fireworks. One display, Go out with a Bang! has been chosen for the Ashes of members of the Armed Forces who have lost their lives in Afghanistan.

In 2009 Private Joey Etchells specifically asked his family to have his ashes dispersed in fireworks over a special peak in Lancashire should he not return from his tour of duty.  His wishes were met. There is no doubt that family and friends felt that it was absolutely the right way for them to go.

For some people a full technician fired display is either inappropriate or not affordable .  As an alternative, it is possible to have a small portion of ashes installed in rockets for people to fire themselves.

Some people add these rockets to other fireworks to make their own mini displays to have a very memorable and happier farewell as their loved one heads for the skies, cheered on their way with a drink and a smile.

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