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Lovingly managed

A company based in Wales provides comprehensive hands on assistance to the bereaved when it is most needed.

Lovingly Managed is a company that combines the services of end-of-life and funeral planning with actual hands on implementation of those plans.  

It also provides practical assistance to bereaved individuals and families who find themselves struggling to cope with the plethora of tasks that inevitably result from someone’s passing. 

Lovingl Managed recognise that, as our society changes, more people are dying alone and many worry about what will happen to them and theirs once they’ve gone. 

They may ease their worries by making end-of-life and funeral plans using the advice in My Last Song, but with Lovingly Managed they can go one step further; they can contract the company to carry out their wishes when they’ve passed on.

It’s not only those who are worried about ending their days alone who want the peace of mind of knowing that their wishes will be respected on their deaths. There are some people who, sadly, aren’t able to rely on their families to do as they wished, while in other cases, they just want to relieve their families of the burden of having to wrap up their affairs.

That burden can be further exacerbated if, as is so often the case today, the bereaved no longer live close to their deceased relative so sorting everything out will involve hours of motorway travel and weekend after weekend away from their own families and lives.

This is time that many people will struggle to find and certainly will only add to the strain they are probably already feeling at having lost someone close.

To help make life easier for families at such a difficult time, Lovingly Managed can undertake most of the tasks large and small that arise as the result of a bereavement, on their behalf.

This leaves the family to focus on their grieving and their own lives. 

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