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Rod Stewart: Maggie May

BBC Radio Four Today anchorman Justin Webb chooses songs that have meant something special at different times in his life.

This playlist has gone down well with the My Last Song team, thanks Justin.

Maggie May: Rod Stewart

The ultimate pop song. How many years have any of us ever gone without hearing it somehow somewhere? Will it carry on in the afterlife? (Probably not - ed).

Cum On Feel The Noize: Slade

This was a number one hit in the early 70s just after my mum gave me my first radio. The sound is the sound of my young life. It has no great meaning and no great subtlety (to put it mildly) but there was energy in Slade and fun and a sense of power.

Mercedes Benz: Janis Joplin

Great voice which I first heard young and re-found more recently. My daughter can sing it word perfect. Janis lives on.

MacArthur Park: The Four Tops

This is a sad sad song – it’s about love and loss and although I can't say I have anything in particular in mind when I hear it, it captures the hopelessness we have all felt from time to time at the loss of a lover or a friend.

Issues: The Saturdays

My darling lovely children decided at the age of 12 (twins) and 8 to be pop stars and this was their music of choice. No better and no worse than when I was young -- and it has given me great pleasure to see them dancing and mouthing the words at an age when they really have no ‘issues’ at all. Long may it continue.

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