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Travel and accommodation

Thinking about the travel and accommodation needs of those attending the funeral is often overlooked. The sooner it is done, the less stress it will cause.

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There is normally far more time between the death and the funeral than shocked and grieving family members realise.

But one thing that should be considered as soon as possible is the travel and accommodation arrangements for the people who will be attending the funeral and the reception  (or wake) gathering.

An appropriate family member should take responsibility for the travel and accommodation requirements.

Create a list of people you will be inviting, and include where they are likely to be travelling from, their travel arrangements and if they require overnight (or longer) accommodation.

Do this using a computer as it is easier to format and amend the details. It can then be emailed to guests so they have the information to help them.

Staying with relatives

Quite often, funerals bring families together and despite the sadness, can be a positive outcome. This is helped by people staying at relatives' homes for one or more nights, and remembering and reminiscing.

Where this isn't possible, draw up a list of nearby hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfast locations.

Many hotels have vacant rooms during the week, and you should consider negotiating an arrangement where a number of guests who need overnight accommodation stay in the same hotel at a discounted rate.

Local transport arrangements

Again this is easily overlooked until too late.

You will need to work out how those attending will travel from where they are staying to where the funeral service/ceremony is being held, and then to the crematorium or cemetery if the funeral is not being held there; and then to the reception (or gathering or wake).

The funeral director will be able to help with these arrangements, but the more vehicles they supply, the more expensive the cost.  With a bit of advanced planning, family members, friends and other can share their cars at no extra cost, or a local taxi company employed.

Think green

Traveling to and from funerals has an environmental cost, and those with a strong interest in protecting the environment should take this into account.

So ensure that cars taking people are full, thus saving car journeys to offsetting the carbon used.  See Green Funerals and carbon offsetting the funeral.

You can also consider only inviting family and friends who live close to where the funeral is taking place. Others from further away could be sent a video recording of the funeral plus some messages given by close family members and friends of the departed loved one.

Planning ahead

If you are planning your own funeral, you should consider the travel and accommodation requirements for those you want to attend your funeral and the reception.

Add these to the funeral planning wishes that you store in your Lifebox. This is your own digital area to store and amend your funeral wishes and other information.

On your death, or when you give permission, the second keyholder is able to open it and act on the wishes you have placed there.

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