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Foodie's final feast, or Your Last Supper

If you are a 'foodie', why not plan a great eating experience to be remembered by. Yes, your last supper!

Dinner Party Table

And those who will be enjoying the food will have specially warm memories of you.

As you won’t be there to cook, write down the instructions for:

  • the menu;
  • recipes for various dishes;
  • wine list;
  • venue;
  • who should cook and serve;
  • guest list and seating plan;
  • short speech on your behalf;
  • music and entertainment.

Best to discuss this first with the appropriate family members or close friends, as it will have cost implications and place additional responsibilities on them.

But it is something to consider, because a good life deserves a good ending...why not make the last event a bit special by inviting your loved ones to your final dinner party.

If you want inspiration for your menu, visit Jamie Oliver’s website as he has created delicious meals for special occasions.

When you have made the arrangements for your last supper, save them in your Lifebox so your loved ones will know what's cooking. (That's terrible - ed).

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