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The Princess Royal Trust for Carers

October's Charity of the Month is the Princess Royal Trust for Carers.

Our thanks to Sophia Smith, Senior Fundraising Manager, for contributing this article. 

Giving carers a brighter future

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers is the largest provider of comprehensive support services, reaching over 400,000 carers, including 25,000 young carers, through our unique network of 144 independently managed Carers’ Centres, 85 young carers’ services and interactive websites www.carers.org and www.youngcarers.net.

Ordinary people extraordinary lives

Caring for a friend or relative with a physical or emotional illness, addiction or disability is extremely hard and carers can suffer physically, mentally, socially and financially and, as a result, may become patients themselves if not properly supported. 

Lisa's story

Lisa cares full time for her 17 year-old daughter who suffers from severe cerebral palsy and severe visual impairment. She is wheelchair bound, cannot speak and is completely dependant on her mother.

Lisa cares single handedly for her daughter and said she was "mentally and physically exhausted and desperately in need of a break". A grant from The Princess Royal Trust for carers allowed Lisa to visit the Eden Project whilst her daughter was in respite care.

Lisa says "a short break to unwind would benefit my health. I need to recharge my batteries in order to continue my care for my daughter.”

Stories like Lisa's are not uncommon and sadly, with an ageing population, the UK will need more care from families and friends in the future.

This is an issue that will touch everyone’s life at some point. Supporting carers concerns us all.

Making a difference to carers’ lives

Through our network of Carer Centres, we aim to make a positive difference to the lives of carers.

We recognise the incredible job that carers across the UK do every day, without help or pay, and want to ensure they have access to the support they need to care for their loved one and, just as importantly, for themselves. We:

  • Ensure carers are able to influence decisions affecting their lives;
  • Help Carers' Centres and other partners to develop, promote and deliver services for carers;
  • Raise awareness of carers issues.

We rely on the generosity of individual donations for our work to be able to continue and this includes gifts such as legacies.

Leaving a legacy in your Will is a very special way of supporting a charity. Legacies help us to plan effectively for the future so that our life-changing work can continue for many years to come.

Legacies are a crucial source of our funding and play a huge role in giving carers the support they so desperately need.

Any amount, large or small, will make a real and lasting difference to the people who rely on our support.

To find out more about The Trust and how you can support the UK’s carers visit www.carers.org/get-involved, or email fundraising@carers.org or download our legacy leaflet

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