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Funeral planning checklist

When you have chosen the funeral director, it will save time and money if you use the My Last Song checklist to make the agreed funeral arrangements.

It will also ensure that the departed person is treated with respect and dignity. By being this well prepared, you are showing the funeral director that you have put thought into how you want the loved one’s farewell event to be organised.

You will get a better service the more thought and planning you have put into it.

The checklist

Print out this checklist and take it to the funeral director you want to deliver the funeral arrangements.

The list includes:

  • Type of funeral;
  • Preferred times;
  • Who is responsible for what;
  • Treatment of the body;
  • Visits to the chapel/place of rest;
  • Booking the minister or celebrant;
  • Flowers;
  • Dress code;
  • Order of service leaflet;
  • Procession.

Think about your own funeral.

There’s a funeral wishes section in the Lifebox. Why not scan the checklist and add it to this section to help your executor or next of kin organise the funeral you want.

Reducing the costs

When you look at the checklist you will see there are items which you and your family/friends can organise yourself. This will, of course, reduce funeral costs.

You can, by planning for the death in advance, undertake (no pun intended) all of the arrangements your self. This is known as a DIY funeral.

But even if you want to organise a DIY funeral, it is wise to consult a local funeral director.

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