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How to make sure your friends and family know the sad news

My Last SongRegister with My Last Song to use your Lifebox, and populate your public profile.

Make use of your public profile page in your Lifebox to ensure your friends and family know the sad news.  

It means that relatives and close friends will know the sad news in time to attend the funeral or send condolences.

How it works:

  • Register with My Last Song, or log on;
  • Go to Lifebox;
  • Click on Public Profile button;
  • Post news and information on your Public Profile page;
  • Decide who you wish to view your postings;
  • Inform them of the unique public profile address;
  • Tell them to visit the page regularly for up to date notification.

Your unique public profile address 

At the top of your public profile page is a url – the unique internet address of your public profile.

This page enables you to create your profile and select those people (friends and family) who can see information you (or close family) post about your health. Simply give them your public profile url (internet page) address, and tell them to visit it frequently.

You (or close family) can post messages to them at any time. It becomes a private notice board.

When you die

When you die, the people to whom you have given a second key will have access to your Lifebox and can add a message to your profile giving the sad news.

This will then be read by those people who have your public profile address.

Other messages can also be posted, including tributes and memorial messages.

It’s a simple, fast and effective way of letting people know the news so that they can attend the funeral, send messages of condolence and write tributes that can be read out at the funeral or the reception/wake.

You can put all the names of the people you want to know in your Lifebox. The appropriate Lifebox section is My details, and the content box is called 'Tell these people'.

When your second keyholder opens your Lifebox, this list can be read by .

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