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Scorpions: Eye II Eye

Eye II Eye by Scorpions is a great farewell song, and thanks to Aaron Whitman for adding it to the list.

His other choices should be popular too, with Nirvana being many people's favourite band. Aaron's popular with us because Eminem and Iron Maiden now make their first appearances too.

Nice fave five, and thanks Aaron.

Eye II Eye: Scorpions

This beautiful ballad is dedicated to passing fathers and parents in general. I think that the song doesn't leave any heart untroubled...and being far from home stirs up everybody inside.

Smells Like Teen Spirits: Nirvana

I must admit that I like all types of rock from 60's to today's music. This particular song is a big influence for me. And my favorite band cannot be any other but Nirvana.

Working Class Hero: John Lennon

The Working Class Hero concept is a canard set up to destroy the proletariat. To make it seem like it has value, when in fact "you're still effin' peasants to me" as he says. I think you're hating on it, and yet, are trying to say the same thing. The song is very sarcastic and it is mocking the bad points about the working classes.

Like Toy Soldiers: Eminem

The song tells the story of the singer's attempts to calm a violent community of rappers, who frequently "fall down like toy soldier".

Rime of the Ancient Mariner: Iron Maiden

This is the greatest storytelling song ever composed.

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