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Moby: In My Heart

AnneMarie Bonnet clearly likes Moby...she wants to be remembered by five of his very excellent and really appropriate tracks.

She's not the first to want to be remembered by five songs by her one favourite artist – Chris Hill chose five Stones tracks a little while ago.

18: Moby

This instrumental by Moby makes me think of new beginnings.  It’s a beautiful, uplifting piece.

Porcelain: Moby

I love lots of Moby but Porcelain is incredible.  Sad and uplifting at the same time.  Seems appropriate for a last song too since the lyrics include a goodbye.

In My Heart: Moby

This is my favourite upbeat Moby song – its full of joy.  I usually sing along if alone in the house, and the neighbours haven't complained...yet.


My Weakness: Moby

Seems very appropriate for a last song – starts low key and sad but gradually lifts.  A long, beautiful chant which I like to interpret as walking with God (though I’m not a Christian).

Wait For Me: Moby

Sad but lovely Moby song.  I don’t feel as down about life as the lyrics suggests but I love the melody and the arrangement.

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