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Be different! Venues for gay and lesbian funerals

Be different! is the message from Tim McArthur when deciding the venue for the funeral reception.

Where you have your funeral or celebration of life is entirely up to you.

Obviously you can have the traditional funeral service at a church or crematorium, particularly appropriate for those who want a religious funeral.

But why not be different! There are many venues that will host funeral events, from arts centres, theatres, hotels, art galleries, activity destinations and public gardens - though you have to get permission from the local authority which run the gardens and parks.

Woodland funerals are becoming popular, particularly for environmentally friendly funerals, and can be organised to include an outdoor party, though you must discuss the details with the manager of the Woodland funeral location.

If you require a quieter outdoor event, the funeral can be conducted beside the grave before going to the reception.

Listed below are two venues that I can recommend. For others throughout the UK, you can use your own experience and that of friends, or find interesting places through searching the internet.

Halliford Mere Lakes and Pavilion
A beautiful location that specialises in funeral receptions in the peace and serenity of their surrounding lakes.
They have highly experienced staff and pride themselves on being sensitive to your special requirements.

Lauderdale House, Highgate Hill, London
This 16th century house features two art galleries that can be transformed into an ideal setting for a funeral event.

Both spaces look onto beautiful gardens and are situated on the edge of Waterlow Park. Very atmospheric at all times of year.

More please! 

Send us your suggested venues for gay and lesbian funeral receptions and memorial parties. They can range from the conservative to the outrageous! (Well, outrageous please!).

And there's nothing wrong with a big send off on Brighton beach!

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Fran Hall wrote on 3 Dec 10 at 9:40am
Fran Hall

I'd like to suggest our beautiful woodland burial parks as venues for anyone looking for a really special place for a funeral - not only are they located in mature woodland, offering the option of a natural green burial, but our ceremonial buildings are suitable for completely personalised funeral and memorial services, ideal for same sex couples who want somewhere unforgettable to say goodbye to a partner.

We have three venues, serving North and West London, North and East London and East Anglia - visit our website www.woodlandburialparks.co.uk to see for yourself - we are far more than 'usual rites-of-passage suspects' - Charles has been here, and I hope he would agree!!

Chiltern Woodland Burial Park, Epping Forest Burial Park and Colney Woodland Burial Park really are places to celebrate life.

Charles Cowling wrote on 14 Jun 10 at 8:31pm
Charles Cowling

I'd have thought the usual rites-of-passage suspects for venues, yes?

But what about gay-friendly funeral directors? Chelsea Funerals used to be the undertaker of choice to the LGBT classes when it was owned by Neil Cocking but he sold up in '09. Does it remain residually so?

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