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Procol Harum: Whiter Shade Of Pale

We've had 50 lists before My Way featured but now thanks to journalist and social entrepreneur Nic Careem, here it is!

Whiter Shade of Pale: Procol Harum

First song I ever saw performed live. It was at the wonderful late lamented Marquee Club.

On The Street Where You Live: Nat King Cole

My late mum's favourite song from My Fair Lady.

Imagine: John Lennon

The words says it all. An anthem for a generation: 'Nothing to kill or die for/and no religion too/Imagine all the people living life in peace/You may say I'm a dreamer/but I'm not the only one/I hope some day you'll join us/and the world will be as one.'

Stairway To Heaven: Led Zeppelin

One of the best Led Zeppelin's songs, building in tempo and excitement and ending in a brilliant guitar solo from Jimmy Page. An appropriate song, given the context.

My Way: Frank Sinatra

Because I did...

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