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Macy Gray: I Can’t Wait To Meetchu

Ruthine Burton lists three sad songs, two by the wonderful Rickie Lee Jones, the other by gruff voiced genius Tom Waits...and two upbeat, both from an equally unique singer, Macy Gray. 

I Can’t Wait To Meetchu: Macy Gray

A great upbeat song which I have played endlessly.  Appropriate for a last song since it’s about meeting God!  I’m not a Christian but I love it.

After Hours: Rickie Lee Jones

I’ve always loved this song.  It’s haunting but beautiful.  I call it a ‘life passing by’ song.

Company: Rickie Lee Jones

Sad but amazing song.  I love it for its emphasis on the loved ones you leave behind. The YouTube clip of a recent performance is not great. Here the original here (after five seconds of advert).

Somewhere: Tom Waits

Sorry, another sad, yearning song. Tom Waits takes this West Side Story original and makes it his own. His is a unique genius.

The Letter: Macy Gray

This is the most gorgeously upbeat song about looking forward to life ending.

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