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Our policy is to make mylastsong.com as accessible as possible to those with disabilities without prejudicing the commercial viability of mylastsong.com.

We firmly believe that the more accessible the site, the more successful it will be in assisting the maximum number of people to use the site to plan for the end of live events and issues which is the purpose of My Last Song.  

As part of our disability policy we have, where possible, written, built and designed mylastsong.com to comply with the relevant parts of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (the DDA).

We have ensured that people with disabilities including conditions such as dyslexia and those with cognitive and hearing impairment, as well as the visual impairments will not have problems with the following:

  • video clips used without sound;
  • text and background design which do not use suitably contrasting colour; and
  • unclear and confusing layout of pages.

We have designed the website to be as clear as possible for those with visual disability.  My Last Song has been designed to use the typeface Arial, which is recognised to be clear and readable when used on websites. We have included the ability for visitors to the site to increase the typesize to 130 per cent.

We briefed the designer to ensure that the text is easily legible, sitting on a plain background and where possible having good contrast with the background.  We only signed off the designs when satisfied that this condition had been met.

To take into consideration the needs of those with dyslexia and learning difficulties, authors of editorial content were briefed to write in as easy to understand way as possible, using short words, short sentences and short paragraphs.

The editing process took the needs of those with dyslexia and learning difficulties further into account  when possible by shortening sentences and paragraphs, and wherever necessary, redrafting difficult to understand ideas into easier to comprehend passages.

All hyperlinks are descriptive, naming the website to which the link refers in as clear a manner as possible.

We are considering getting the site 'Crystal marked' by the Plain English Society.

My Last Song has a feedback feature and we take particular notice of feedback and suggestions on how we can make the site more accessible for those with disabilities, without prejudicing our commercial viability.